Nursery School in Sbíhavá

“On the way together”
“So that all of us, children and parents, could feel well”

The Nursery School in Sbíhavá with six classrooms is located  in a quiet, peaceful environment, close to the Hvězda game-park, away from busy streets. It has undergone a complete renovation.

The main principles of our all-year programme

  1. Creating an environment where children can experience emotional, physical and social ease;
  2. Enabling children to develop their own activity and creativity;
  3. Fulfilling everyday natural needs of children with respect to uniqueness and age of each child.

Educational programme and characteristics of the Nursery School

Aims of education

Our aim is to help children get well prepared for life when they leave our School, be tolerant, friendly, inquiring, help one another and have respect for each other and for all forms of life.

Contents of education

The Nursery School educational programme “So that all of us, children and parents, could feel well” developed by a team of educational experts between 2003 and 2006 focuses on a close cooperation with parents. Preschool education represents an initial stage of public education which is organized and controlled in accordance with requirements and instructions from the Ministry of Education. The current educational policy of the Czech Republic is based on the belief that people have to learn all their lives and that they should be interested in their own education, learning and knowledge which all enable a better and richer interaction with the world. Preschool education represents the very start of lifelong education. It is therefore important for children to acquire in our Nursery Schools prerequisites for lifelong learning. Education in classes is realized through all activities and situations, both through spontaneous as well as directed activities. Learning through experience is also important. At first it is necessary to start with simple things, like greetings, saying thank you, being able to perform basic skills (hygiene, dressing, table manners), and only then can children make use of our School´s extra offer.

Mission of the Nursery School

School profile

A sound and universal development of the child. A close cooperation with the family. Taking part jointly in the education of children. Creating a pleasant environment for the children´s stay through the help of teachers, parents and sponsors.

Educational work

  1. Developing professionalism of staff;
  2. Implementing and fulfilling the educational programme in cooperation with parents in such a way as to enable children to be independent, confident and creative when leaving the School, well prepared for school and lifelong learning;
  3. Teaching of children will be implemented in a playful, natural and unstrained way;
  4. New trends in education will be followed and put into practice.

Daily running of the Nursery School

  1. We will further develop and enjoy the climate, educational work and school environment in such a way so as to influence parents in a positive way too and prove that we are not just a “left-children office”;
  2. By our work we will try to influence public opinion on preschool education;
  3. When employing new staff we will find fully qualified people;
  4. We will always look for new ways of staying “one step ahead of others”.

Where to get further information

Sbíhavá II, 360/2, 162 00 Praha 6‚ Tel+420 775 70 88 54
E-mail: Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.,,

Opening hours - main building: 7:00 - 17:00

Opening hours - small building (the “Little Frogs” class): 7:30 - 15:45

 Nursery School management:

Bc. Helena Petříčková, Director; 11 members of educational staff, 3 teaching assistant, 1 school assisnet 
All members of educational staff are qualified for teaching in nursery schools.

Number of classrooms: 6 (all classes are co-educational)

Main building:

Class 1 – Little Monkeys – 20 children (Nikola, Helena)  

Class 2 – Little Cats – 20 children (Jana and Karolina)+ teaching assistant

Class 3 – Little Bears – 23 children (Hanka and Dana  )  

An air purifier is available in this classroom.

Class 4 – Little Ladybirds – 12 children (Jarka and Jayne) + teaching assistant 

Class 5 – Little Butterflies – 11 children (Helena and Karolína)+ teaching assistant

Small building:

Class 6 - Little Frog (the forest class ) - 15 chlidren ( Bára and Michal )

The Little Frogs class is inspired by the forest kindergarten model. Unlike classic forest kindergartens that are based in a forest, yurt or caravan, our class has a dedicated building on the shared grounds. The major part of education takes place in the nature - the Hvězda park, Divoká Šárka nature reserve, or the Liboc pound area. The class has a special educational program following the forest kindergarten model.

All classrooms as well as the playroom have air purifiers.

Afternoon activity groups


 Pottery course – Helenka


For preschool children:

Pre-school children – “A preparatory class for school” , „Gaphomotorics“

Activities for the public

  1. You can rent the premises for children´s birthday parties – both on weekdays and weekends;
  2. Workshop with parents once a month.
  3. Pottery cours for parents – twice a month
  4. Sports activites on Saturday – once a month
  5. Summer camps with various topics

Joint activities with parents:

October – A Potato Party – an early evening autumn theme party, children performance, the most beautiful pumpkin competition. Parents and children prepare meals from potatoes and apples or autumn fruits, which we will taste together; a procession with Chinese lanterns around

December: St. Nicolas accompanied by the devil will visit and distribute presents at our school. Christmas party in the church in Liboc orChristams party in classes / alternently /

February: An afternoon carnival dance in the garden; meat will be grilled in the garden; we will taste goulash and carnival doughnuts; there will be a show of carnival masks in Liboc, carnival performances of children.

April: The most beautiful Easter egg competition for both parents and children.

June: Farewell party – ceremonial farewell to school-leavers; performance by children from the dance group; competition for parents in culinary art; sausage roasting; grilling; auction of the winning dish; dancing and listening to live music.


Ongoing Projects

The project "Between us, tell me"

Our kindergarten cooperates with the Home for the Elderly in Prague Centrino Liboc. The project supports meeting people of all generations. We want them to meet, respect each other and discover new things together.